Diary Of A Suicider Letra

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Letra de Diary Of A Suicider
No one understands the pain I've been living all my life When the sun shines it's raining deep inside my heart I really wonder how long it will take you all to realize That I am gone You think you are the better ones, and yes goddamn it, you are right We are scum, without love, without money, without future But even if many of us will leave, a little rest will stay and fight Dear diary, this will be my last entry, I bleed this pain out of my soul now The beautyqueens and footballstars, the noted society of our school They have already killed so many and today it is my turn The blades are sharp, the noose tied up, a letter on my desk To everyone who reads this diary, it's the diary of a suicider The diary of a little man who could not stand this world They have dug an emotional wound as deep as the ocean And this wound will never heal And this wound will never heal They buried all their hate in it, they closed the wound with burning lava They laughed at me as I writhed with pain, as I dug my face into the mud My whole life I have cried, cried for help, cried for mercy, cried for love But this life is over now... Dear diary, this is my last entry, with opened veins I'm lying on my bed And for the first time of my live I hear singing birds Maybe someone let's me live a life I like An afterlive...