Letra de I.T.I.A.L.S
On the first day of this
You said it don't exist
You said it's in my hand
And don't be so quick
Don't be so thick
And think about it...
All the words that I said
I'll hang myself with
And then you'r stupid smile
Says I did it again
Why do I do it all the time?
We can talk about what you need
I'll try to take em all down
Take it all before you throw it at me
It's an arms race
It's an all night
It's a torrid affair
We can do what you like or you can stay if you want
Cuz I don't care
so we're both a waste of space
A little darker than two shades of grey
Lying here on this big old bed
With the best thing that we've ever did
I'd like to run right now if I could
Just to end up right back where I stood
Hiding in a tunnel with you