Letra de A Way Through
i wait alone at heart

see your face

i'm ripped apart again

i can't believe i let this setting sun

come undone

i can barely breathe

thought i knew pockets deep

i live in yours

an accessory

a trait that i adore

don't wait; don't stop; don't waste another second

run as fast as you can

just great now i'm lost

i've lost everything that meant shit to me

brutal irony

so i wait

recalling all those times i caved in to those

two green wounded eyes

those days are gone

the clutter closing in until

everything feels wrong

all that i had said; all that i promised to

conflicts and twists until i'm twisted

gravity in words that you said and i missed it

if i could touch the sound you know that i'd give it to you

this silence that surrounds us; we've got to find a way through