Letra de Let Myself Fall
'I Let myself fall into a lie,
i let my walls come down,
I let myself smile and fell a lie,
i let my walls come down,
no matter how hard i try
i dont know why,
you push so far away,
i dont know why
you push so far away..

{One KyNg PaC verse 1}

you've pushed me so far man im bout to let go,
i just dont know what to do cuz im losing control,,
im tryna get ma life back but i keep on sinking,
now im sittin here wondering contemplating and thinking,,
am i really da one,
is she really the one,,
or is there someone else out there for both of us,
cuz a broken heart aint no fun,,
and if so then where they at,
and will they make up to what we had,,
cuz life's a bitch without the one that makes ya glad,,
but sometimes ya gotta let go, atleast thats what they tell me,,
that's the steps im tryna take, but it seems as if ma heart just wont let me,,
did i fall for a lie, yeah i let myself fall,,
it seems everynight i cry and
through the day i stand tall,,
cuz i try to hide ma true feelings and put dem aside,
but it seems the pain is worsening through this healing and i ask why,,
and now i sit back as im thinking and writing,
does she really hate me,,
or is it just her family dont like me.....


{The Only Topic verse 2}

I just dont understand
why you keep pushing me away
now I just cant wait
for a brighter day
I miss all the memories
of you and I
and when I lay down at night
I cant help but to cry
It's a pain in my heart
that I cant seem to get over
Til this day I aint never thought
that it would be over
but I keep preying and hoping
I can be strong
cause all these tears
I've been having for too long
wonder sometimes
if you really do care
all the games that you playin
I just cant seem to bare
Promises you done broke
they done broke my heart
you say you feel the same
but it just falls apart
All your friends & family
say I should be the one
so I gave you another chance
now look what you done, done
Ya take my heart for granted
think you can do what you want
if you think i'll take you back one day
I hope you dont plan it
{Instrumental breakdown}

(Thanks to Shannon for these lyrics)