Letra de Pop Song #13
I don't know how you stay lit
I would have burned out by now
Burning for so long
I don't know how to stay strong
Still hold your head high
When everyone's beating you down
I know that your shoulders hurt
Carry around the world
You're making mine a better place
We all have demons to face
Your keeping all yours at bay
a challenge every day
When you wake up, last night's make up.
I see past the pain in your eyes
Showing me everything will be alright
When you need me I won't be leaving
I'll just be hanging around
To give back what you gave to me
It's ok if you get bummed
Everyone feels a little down
It's normal to get stressed out
Another time another place
I'll take all your pain away,
Put a smile on your face.
Go ahead and start yelling
I'm not gonna run away
I'll be here just listening
Vent frustration in my face and
I won't go away
There's no place I'd rather be