Letra de Therapy Lounge
The fit doesn't seem to matter,
La is a new pair of shoes 4:29 watching tv
Cameras roll at Floreance and Normanndie
No sitcoms, talkshows or movies
Got the televised beating of Reggie D.

It isn't heaven for the City of the Angels
Don't turn the channel on the tv yet
Got no time to watch the A team
Los Angeles is burning!

The lights we see on tv burn forever
Sit in the therapy lounge and take notes
Past had lee harvy and the Kennedys
We got out riot and Rodney king


News brings desperate people and high ratings
Broadcast just seems to fan the flames
Please put back roseanne or the bradys
(We interrupt this program for a special news bulletin)
Hey Lucy! I'm Hooooooooome!!!