Letra de After Her Disaster
A child called to me "Do you remember?"
Ask me about life before disaster
"When did it begin?! When did it end?"
I don't know but if I knew she'd know
But I don't so I hold her close and tell her "Don't cry"

I can't deal with this today
I need a sign to give faith
give me strength
give me love
give me power to trust!
give me life!
give me a future today!
Give me hope, fill my mind
Give me all I want and more,
that's all I ever asked for

Yesterday don't matter much today
is where were more in touch today
she wants to know if everything's alright
and I feel guilty about my lie

Tell her not to worry and it's not time
Listen to the sounds in my head.
she asks about my mother and my dad
Talks about her friends and her cats


Everybody wants to be somebody's hero
It's not easy when life value is zero
Hard living up to expectations
If she know that I'm a hero
Just someone who managed to survive
How do you tell innocents the truth