Letra de Powertrip
It's got nothing to do with you
I know when the wrong thing is right to do
I ain't no bastard son of a bitch
Not a control freak, just got that itch
If I could just be where I see me
How hard is it to just let me be
When do you get what you've paid for
Cuz ive paid dearly

Made it this far I'm not dead
Not strung out I don't beg
Keep your thoughts to yourself
I'll let you know when I need help
Unicycle subculture gone to hell
Juggle chainsaws with the hands you're dealt
Life's not short, what the fuck
Ever had to wait for a bus

I'm taking the my way highway
It doesn't mean I'm on a powertrip
I think I know what's best for me
I think I know what's best for me

On the outside all is well
As the core starts to rot and smell
Split like an atom blown apart
Head no longer hears the heart
I've got a plan I haven't figured out

I'll let you know what it's all about
What the hurry gotta go
Where you gotta go, go, go