Letra de Gorby Doll
I saw the Louvre I saw the Notre Dame
The Eifel Towers lame
These people suck, these people are stuck up
I'll treat them all the same

The Russian leader, the people pleaser
I can't believe the sight I saw
He stuck his head out, he stuck his head out
I saw his stained bald head go flashing by

I saw the River Seine, the City of Versailles
That Big Arch on the street
We spent their franks, we ate their food and wine
But here to save the day

Here comes that limo, with Mr. Mikhail
The Gorby doll is here today
The crowd is raging, Mikhail is waving
He made my day just watching him go by

We traveled round this old Paris town
In search of whateva
To our dismay, such a fine display
Of Gorby's head going by