Letra de Floorlord
Don't get pissed, and I'll show you yours
Take the time to show me mine
Who and why is bombing El Savador
We who are not like others
Your the art we love to hate
Keep on reaching, till you reach a new low
We're not sober so what

Not getting up until there's a reason to be pour one more
I'm happy for you, I'd rather be happy for me

Doesn't take a genius
To realize you're an idiot
The great controversy, right or wrong goes on
Smell the year in the shag
Morning air makes me what to gag
Perception is reality, how do you see
Who's driving paints a pretty picture don't it

See your halo shinning
And all the detached plastic smiles
Happy drunks it only seem to start that way
Can get past the second step
On the burning ladder of success
Die-n-schmie-n the only thing killing me is time