Corporate Rock Rules Letra

One Hit Wonder


Letra de Corporate Rock Rules
When I was a little kid
I couldn't have told you what a sellout is
Kiss, the clash, and darby crash
I didn't care who forked over the cash
In my heart the music lived
Not what jackets and labels read

It's your money, do what you want
Don't be bullied, you have a voice
It's your choice, don't cry to me

Who made up the rules
Isn't it quite hypocritical
To tell us what is hip and ridicule
Those who have what you wanted all along
Jealousy, greed want a lock on the scene
Indie adolph don't tell me
I inject what I want in me

Make your own rules

Like lemmings jumping off a cliff
Thats cool if it's how you choose to live
Listen up, don't be fooled, do what you wanna do
And know the difference
It's your allowance-you allow it

Who makes up your rules