All Wrecked At Z-mans Letra

One Hit Wonder


Letra de All Wrecked At Z-mans
Who's that girl hanging round with us
She parks her beak and talks too much
Drinkin' beer cuz he says it wins
Says he likes beakin' with his friends
Naked girls and little yellow pills
Sounds like fun to me
He called a cab a 6 am
To find some hooker on the street

What's your name shes not my friend
Skinny legs and big fat head
Feel insane I'm back again
Sit around the table feelin' like a fucked up wreck
All wrecked, all wrecked
All wrecked, all wrecked

In the morning I can't do anything
I lay in bed with my head spinning
I feel so bad and my phone just rings
I feel like god said no to me
We'll drown in beer we have no liquid fear
watching spice all night
Drunken fools who sit kiddy pools
Beaks and booze all right