Letra de Smartest Guy
Where can I go, to avoid the truth
my minds made up
for the truth I've got no use

If I lie this time who would listen
When the dogs bark too long, no on pays attention
I may not be the smartest guy
At least I'm not pretending
Your image was blown at least to me
Do you have to be so contradicting

I've always been a liar well that's not true
I plead the fifth on this one
Theres a time and place for everything
And this time this place scares me

When every game has been played in town
Theres no where left that you're allowed
Stare into the face of fate
Start again Start again


The length that you'll go
to not know what you know
is true I don't believe
I may not be the smartest guy
But at least I know when to leave