Letra de Drowned
I'm drowning in tears shivering in fears
Winter is cold alone missing you while you're gone
I'm dying to rectify and being free from thoughts of you
I wasted all my strength, I wasted all my time

So I try to rest from stress
So many nights I've been sleepless
It's creeping in my head
Should I forget about it instead

Of letting you in makes me suffer
From the burdens that you left
I feel like I'm putting in too much of my time
But why of all the things I've done for you
In return, I got...I got...I got nothing!

It's unfair why could it be I'm falling into deep
Is this the way I'm leaving well I don't intend to keep
Oh I wish I'm dreaming but nightmare refuse to give in
Where do I go, Where do I stay

So it has been said and done
And I will just be gone
I'm on my way of healing
But my mind is still screaming

Forgetting all the troubles
Forgetting all the anger
Forgetting all the pain
I'm on my way to redemption