Walk In My Shoes Letra

One Dae

Daes & Times

Letra de Walk In My Shoes
Feat. Diana

I stay stuck in continuous flux
Big dutch hit smth in my cup
The evil's hanging me up
I top guard with a Glock to your chin
I rock bottom
Let the profits begin
I stay boxin' my twins
You motherfuckers ain't walkin' my shoes
Stop payin', you ain't singing my blues
Ain't hangin' confused
Your main man is an contradiction in terms
Geminy with the low eye
Cold, but it burns, feel it?
You ain't ready for sun
Stop playing but be ready for gun
Remember when i was young
And still am
That's a hell of a run
Fall back, bust a elephant gun
What the hell have I done?
I don't run, but I hustle in flow
They touch my flow, but they ain't touching my soul
Broke shit, getting old quick
Digging my hole
Deep sleep, thinking where the fuck I'mma go?
Damn, your man still walking the edge
No rest, still bopping my head


If you walk in my shoes for one day
You might say that you know where I've been
Until then just pretend that you know what I know
That's as close as you get!