Letra de Style
My style is A wall,
Vietnam jungle op
I dread locks and
Looking shots at your bumble clock
I hate chains,
Except the ones your big brother got
... look like the ones that the pharaoh got
Always dub, see
He show me love, he was a G.
We rock these furrs in July
Young and fuzzy, jizzy
Because the fazzy diss me
Looking like a minnie Tyson
Maybe the time you choked them out
You was the crazy typing
C'mon, Minz, man, you think I forget?
You bust a pearl handle sket
It felt as good as it gets
Your boy dipped it in the cup
But it was better than sex
I'm doing all the same shit right now
I did it back then
You smack Jose and ask me for my blade
That was some cool shit, like lemonade in the shade
Yo, my style is like a vial of crack
Lights! The fuck is this?
Try me and you keep comin' back
My style is like playing with matches
Running with scissors
Better yet, playing in traffic
Goddamn, Ve, my balls is classic
Hey, what can I say?
I'm like a star, I'm flashin'
I'm a real red man
So it's time for action
Act swingin', leave you with your head as a fraction
One day, call me OD fo' sure
Got the raw blow flow
You OD, you snore
The way I put it down, they say
Dae, you so good at
Shot the shit ut and why
Like a man whole cover
Shot the shit ut the world
Like the man is no other
Mohamed Ali
That's Jihad with the capital G to a g
Had to throw them duchess away
So now my style is like lighting up the chalice
Everytime I blaze