Letra de BK All Dae
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
One day, Mp
Let's go

I one day, I met a .. name
I skip fire on scene son historical flames,
I burn the frame out your ram shackle tedamine
Then I pass my .. out to the residence,
Day for president really to dream on
BDD, how my mind work I'm really a skim up
Right backs, well I ride around your stripping and rifa,
Tryin to get this stripper, to get my shit to your speakers,
Yes, he's been here my message, crack the CD vile the real laugh lessons,
They kick back with the spiff in their six packs,
And kill yourself if you start thinking this shit's whack,
And send this clear that your f*ked up ..
And probably couldn't tell your best friend from your enemy
Your brain dead and baby I'm playing fat and maybe I may be a bitch
I play the fast with my hat little, don't even .. when I got ..
Got what you need, f*ck speed asking crack y'all
Stay on some shit that sick like a crack hole,
Son under stoop, say what's the gap for,

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
BK all dae mind keep stressing
7654321 better friend new B and the brand new gun.

I go in, y'all scared like some church brims
Roman Catholics with the socks in the skirts guard,
Anyhow, what the fuck is the problem?
Names day, got a funny way I go about solving them
Like gangas bunch on the butcher and all of them,
My cool with the real talk, holy with the school with them
You read son .. true, I ate fool with them,
You read see through work then, you aint fool with them
A smooth with them, driven with position
I f*ck 'bout the earth and conquer with her wisdom,
Thunder pen from the sins I've made,
And one day you'll never be, we ain't saint, we're similar
A sent like a king or emperor,
Ain't saint so you .. say I'm playin' on regular
Blessed off with the mask y'all remember my name
Y'all ain't even gotta know my age face where I stay
Got a chip on my shoulder, you ain't even got a way
Should be knowin' what I'm sayin all you gotta do is playin'
All the words and all the phrases, just keep flowing on the pages,
So they waking up the neighbors, so I rise another day

1 2 3 4 5 6 7, spit high shit get high like heaven
7654321, got a pillow with a piff, tryin to make a couple products.

My life's ill I get high like my light bills
Come down and feel the urge for me to write
Still fire for higher, holy for dough,
You can get to me lay it down, I'm closing the show,
All I gotta do is drop a couple balls in the flow
And you can sell it and you know they're gonna buyt it for sure
A grinding rap I pay for studio time with some draw
My lines f*ck your head up like a liner some blow,
But show to put your man is a beast,
To put a plan, your main day is a beast
Sign sport on the six, string stay on the creep,
Kill shit so you gotta know I'm playin' for kids,
Crazy hear and mention names in my head when I speak
In the streets will you sleep, he die, hit pits of ..
To get right you need that list to die,
To tell the truth the .. more like twenty and up
To get serve the .. I used to put honey on the dust,
Funny folks with that look on your grill and get sat
When I come through taking my raps, I move that
It's a rap MP on the B, your next steps
When I get back upon my grips and read tracks.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7, get high don't mind fire in the weapon
7 6 5 4 3 2 1, got a couple Gs left no deal for the sons