Letra de Got To Go
when i think about the rest of my life
i know i can't look back and i can't hold on
to the things that make me wanna shed a tear
because i know i won't find comfort here
and there's so many things i need to say
but i bite my tongue and i shy away
from what?
this atmosphere drains me and i'm wasting away
now i know that i can't hold back
i gotta keep on going cus it's just beginning

take another look around
we don't have to think twice
our course is set and we're bound
to the decisions that we've made for ourselves,
to eachother, and a future that won't let us down
and we won't stop, no we've just begun
to figure out who we are and translate ourselves into songs
and we won't let them die here
no they'll live on till the end
our influence will never end
holding on... breaking in... making a mark
we're gonna take our chances

there's so many things that i've tried to find
and i don't wanna leave anyone behind
but i hate this place and now i know that i've
got to go, got to go
we tried to make the best with what we had
but our resources are depleted and there's nothing left
i'm sick of this town and now i know that i've...

i'm moving faster in my mind
i'm a step ahead, i won't be left behind
you can try and drag me down to where you sleep
but i won't shut my eyes and i won't be beat
the clock behind the curtain frowns
as i stare it in the eyes and realize what i've found
we've been here for so long it's been too many years
but we're making a way and we're living our dreams
now i know that i can't hold back
i gotta keep on going cus it's just beginning