Letra de Sad Disguise
I don't know why I feel this way

Don't know quite what's wrong with me or why I act a bit insane

When I can feel me start to fall apart

For better's how I want to change, I'd even settle for the same

You try to say what's in my head

You try to claim that you're my friend

You're supposed to help me when I fall

Right now I feel you don't care at all

When I am down you have to push me down

You're always waiting for a chance to get to me

You beat me up and then you cut me down

I only need you to be here, be here for me

You have to know that I'm so scared

I want the hurt to go away, I want to bury all this pain

But I can't scream the loudest cry for help

My pride controls what shows outside, the ultimate in sad disguise

I know you try to do what's right

Keep the big picture in your sights

What I need is for you to see

Just what you're words can do to me

When I say I'm doing the best I can

Please believe I'm doing the best I can

Cause you don't know where it is that I'm coming from

You can't look inside my head to see what's going on

It's so hard to admit that I might be wrong

Just once look back on this and tell me, tell me you regret it