Letra de Proximity
Never once did I think you'd be leaving me

Unfair how much I'm losing for you to follow your calling

Don't speak that way

We're gonna stay the way we are

You'll still get everything you need from me

Proximity, I will assign it no meaning, meaning

So young, so much you'd done, still so much yet to come

Seems God thought it was the day he ought to take you away

Don't mourn for me

Know that I'm in a better place

We celebrate life and we feel no pain

I'm gonna stay in you heart and in you mind always, always

Say that this is hard for you

Tell me that I won't forget you

Distance is only as lonely as you let it be

I miss you already, don't let me let you get away

Today we're forced to say our goodbyes

I'll see you in another life

Your memories

Constant reminder of these days

Pretend we never wasted time away

A ghost of me, I will haunt you every day, always

Say that this is hard for you

Promise that I won't forget

I already miss you

You know I'm gonna miss you

God I'm gonna miss you