Letra de Pennies
Whatever happened to that song I wrote

Where I would always miss the final note

And everybody thought it was a joke

But I guess that you knew more than that

It's like we thought the time would never change

And we were always on the same page

But I guess our book was never read

Somebody threw it in the fire instead

Or maybe we could sink like pennies in the water

Or down another drink and blissfully go under

And that's just how we'll be, considering no other

While we bicker and go on

Just turn the other cheek, ignoring when I falter

Or say that you love me, even though not for much longer

Do anything but leave, that'll only make it harder

To delay my moving on

Whatever happened to those days we played

Where we'd look forward to a new day

And where we'd relish in the novelty

Of having you next to me

But now I guess there is no turning back

Now I'm resigned to have my bags packed

If we could just give it one last try

Yeah that would be great, that would be fine