Story Of A Lifetime Letra


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Letra de Story Of A Lifetime
You see me walk through the door
Looking like a man
I know you understand
Ma your boys all grown up

And my haters all mad
Cause they thought I was in the bag
It was nice of me to show up!

(Oh oh oh)
This is a story of a lifetime...

(Oh oh oh)
Funny how I left
To find my right mind
Deliver us from evil
Now nothing else can hurt us
This whole time I knew I was goon serve my purpose
You should hear the shit my momma
Be telling her coworkers
My son (gon) be rich and famous
And all the kids I graduated with
Be on the same shit
I used to be the lamest
At these shows they screaming Cuey
It's funny that's what my name is
I find it a little ironic
I did a nosedive into bullshit
Now I'm diggin my way out
Like I'm sonic
My fans should be honored
That I always kept it honest
All along, Instead of talking to the wall
I've been talking through these songs
My whole life
Don't worry baby, hold on tight
We almost there
We just going for another night
Whatever that means, whatever it takes
So much at stake...
So fucking slept on for goodness sake
It's about time, I stop being nice
And focus on me and be about mine
I'm ready to outshine all of ya'll

They can finally see it all
(Yeah) U gotta Hand it to em
Tell em what we did
Panaramic view em
Mistakes we all make
But nah yo you can't undo em
So this is for you who said I wasn't shit
And ran right thru them
Like I never existed
Now I took the script rewrote it and then flipped it
You nervous? Your lips quivering
Used to be picked on cause I was different
Now I'm celebrated cause I'm different
I mean what you thinking?
I'm trying to get my mind straight
Trying to make a honest living
Gotta find my Marshall Mather's Andre
Lil Wayne for Drizzy
Jigga & Dame to Kanye
But for now I'm getting busy getting tipsy
Off this bombay...
Cause I don't give a fuck anymore
Move out the way
Them dudes don't have fun anymore
Take the money out the register
And run for the door
Looking no further
We the ones u been hunting for

Speak up please
I don't know what your saying
I can't hear you from the loud music
In the back that's playing
Grab a glass, take a shot
Tonight the promoters paying
Not me,
Bet you didn't have show your ID
In a few yrs probably
I'll be up in your top 3
But for now gotta scrap the bottom of the bucket
Let's say fuck it
Let them others get they duckets while they can
Look at all the strength we mustered
Never stray way from the plan
Cause this progress leads some proceeds
And nows about time
I can pay back some of my homies
For lending me a couple bucks
We ain't there yet but everythings
On the up and up
I'm a go and knuckle
Always been about my business where the hell's my button up
I'm a kindin missin home... Hartford what the fuck is up?
Flood em with material
They be loving us
Woman taking off their shirts
Boobies do the truffle shuffle... yeah