Letra de Whiskey Breath
Oh what a mouth you have
It's such a sharp tongue.
It twists itself around
and tastes like alcohol!

You haven't moved in years,
stuck in a coma state.

Well you better shake the dust off cause tonight we're going to dance. You were always shy of the bright lights.
You looked much better painted
In Black and White.
But you got some red on your pretty dress.

Did I sleep with your clone while you watched from the back door?

Trembling as I hit the back door... trembling as I.

We used to clean up so well, we used to sparkle like diamonds.
We used to shimmer like gold, we used to burn brighter than super novas.

Been searching for years in hopes to find a key but like a needle in a haystack I get lost in big cities.

My shoulders have grown weary from carrying both our weights so let me kneel by the water to regain my strength.

I thought that i was an ocean but you've drained me to a stream.

So if I can't save you
and life runs its course...
Just know that you will be...
such a beautiful corpse!