How To Build A Sandcastle Letra

Once Nothing

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Letra de How To Build A Sandcastle
You mean the world to me
But you'll never know it.
Like my mouth,
I'll shut my eyes
And watch this die.

I'm your waiter.

A cold wind blew through me
From the door you left open.
I've yet to clean the glass from underneath the table
You waste your breath on me
Spitting out obscenities.
I'm not phased,
My heart's turned to stone.
Playing pretend left me bruised and fatigued.
I wish I was, but I'm not sorry for this
So I must say, "Farewell! I'm not sad to see you go..."
This room is suddenly empty,
But I'm not alone...

I've heard a thousand lies...
I've heard a thousand lies (all mine)