Gunfire Is The Sound Of Freedom Letra

Once Nothing

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Letra de Gunfire Is The Sound Of Freedom
Put me to sleep and let me

Wake up without a memory.

I cannot stand the eyes of judgment

Staring through me.

It's like lead on my chest,

Concrete around my feet,

A sword down my throat,

And poison on my tongue.

Burn it off, the taste.

For too long my teeth kept secrets

From escaping my tongue.

So bring your scalpels and cut away.

I cannot settle for mediocrity; it is a leech.

Burn it off.

I have no lover, I've buried them all.

I sleep on a blood soaked mattress, luke-warm.

Stripped away and cast into the fire

Was my innocence.

My reflection such a pale complexion that I hate.

I have no lover.