Letra de Having A Bad Day
Hook: 8x Nigga don't fuck with me I'm having a bad day Verse 1: Eleven Twenty-Nine Sometimes I get in a mood when a nigga wanna hate this Sitting back watching niggas die You don't really wanna face this If you niggas want it I'm take 'em all down with some buck fire Flip 'em off with a couple of rounds Hundreds in my clip like that when I click clack With my click better what Coming from the waist better what Eleven finna hit 'em with the what Troy finna hit 'em with the what Kill 'em all when they be thinking that I'm playing with 'em Knowing that we gone get 'em Watch how many bullets hit 'em Leave 'em all dead Aiming for the head Running from the feds Living for the bread Y'all just don't know all the shit that niggas done said Trying to get paid in a cold world When it ain't all-to the good y'all Wanna big ball Wanna shot call Wanna test this Make a death wish Hook: 8x Nigga don't fuck with me I'm having a bad day Verse 2: T Mac I don't think you wanna fuck with me Cause I'm having a bad day Sat up in my bed got out the wrong way Reload my clips in both my a.k.'s Brush my head cause I ain't got no braids Bad to the bone when a nigga get wrong And I'm still bucking with my muthafuckin' tone Niggas you can't handle this so leave this alone I'm the type of nigga right even when I'm wrong Jump out the ally making niggas get gone Y'all ain't ready If you will then it's on The Congregation got yo mind in a zone That we kick better cover up ya dome Cause it's gone be on till the break of dawn In tha dirty dirty where them niggas riding chrome Quick to bust a slug at a nigga Take a plug Got that nigga from my muthafucking home Hook: 8x Nigga don't fuck with me I'm having a bad day Verse 3: Pastor Troy I pump slugs Pow, pow, pow, pow, plow Yeah bitch, shit what the fuck you saying now My whole click, been begging for this gangster shit I pack a deadly weapon Bitch I'm the crucifix The Virgin Mary gave me head last night I flipped her on her knees Shook ya ass with that pipe Nigga the whole fight between me and Lucifer And I think he winning because I be steady shooting It ain't nothing new to the- - muthafucking moon I'm sent to hell cause heaven ran out of room The sonic... boom just like street fighter But I drank gasoline and I smoke muthafucking lighters Hook: 16x Nigga don't fuck with me I'm having a bad day