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Letra de Run Up The Band$
Run up the bands I got some shit to address, I swear that they won’t understand
We got the fiends in request, while some of your right hands preppin’ and step on the stand
I’ve seen crews get pressed I gotta confess it ain’t what you see on the gram
Run up the Bands never stress cos I pull through and never get caught in the jam
Run up the Bands I got no time for these lames, aye G just hand me the reefer
Didn't pay a cent for my clothes but trust me lad, it won’t be the same for a feature
Men these days be acting like hoes, do it a certain way just cos its cheaper
Pray to myself no time for a preacher, know my G’s inside doing eetswa
Chasing that bread ain’t never been better, the Feds got my G ducking them sirens
All I hear is they got connect but hah we know that them pussies be wildin’
Cruise on that Martin Luther with the Ruger, you know forever with the piece
Running amok on the street, when I got older I had to make sure that my family eats
Being told that they bang this and they spray that and them clips hold rounds too
Round here we bus' back gang sent for the shots bucking out too
Run up the Bands that’s been the plan from now to 2022
Never tucking chains been to hell and back and I’m only 22

Three boys in the backseat ballied up, run up and I'll Ching this cunt
All that’s cause he pulled some stunts, fuck with my crew you don’t know what comes
One phone call ill get that sorted send them back like they’re getting deported
When they see me they get nauseous, be cautious cos it's me
The grim reaper from GV, I’m that tatted young G
.45 with 6 rounds rallied up run up and I'll let it blow
Talk about straps, but I know that’s cap, that ain’t facts
We’ve put you on show numerous time, just check the stats

Grievous bodily harm, free all the boys that done cop that wack
Free all the boys that are sitting in cages, you know we out here flipping them packs
Shits the same Nah none of its changed
Shits the same we’re still chasing racks
Guaranteed’ll be no audience lad, but you will get clapped
Too much talk lad quit boasting, you can run up and I’ll smoke you like ghosties
No Casper, no floaties, send you in the water and you’ll drown like chocking
Pull up pull up get flipped got a sawn-off get broke like Twix
Your pic gets sent like (ding) no cap one call and I’ll get that thing
Like shit who’s that, you do for show lad give him a clap
I do for bands like Santa I’m hanging out sacks, I seen cunts get wacked no cap