Letra de Thus It Begins
The faithless will soon see their end
For soon is the time when the goats will be set apart from the sheep

And so it begins, a time to see your true colors
Will you stand up for what you believe, or will you back down like you always have?
So much has been offered to you to keep you alive
His body was broken as a sacrifice
His blood shed for your soul
Hands pierced for hands to praise
He did not die in vain, he died for the sake of us

Its time to repay what has been given
Fulfill the prophecy of who we are meant to be
Created in His image
We were meant to live for so much more than this

Turn from your wicked ways, and never look back

We've tried so hard to carry on
But every time were pushed back down
We cant hold on to things of the past
So were rising up and taking back

Our faith will not be shaken

We will not listen to your lies
We will stand firm
Our hope will not be shattered
And your evil words will fade