Letra de 4072
i was searching for an answer
from the lowest of the listless
the highest of the holy
and the deepest wishing wells
hoping that you couldn't see my situation
couldn't guess the truth inside me
how i prayed you couldn't tell

now im so alone
in this afterlife
my eyes still burn
from the last goodnight
and walking there
how i always knew
that i'd fall from grace
just a time or two

i was sinking through the ether
of a world that didn't get me
a mass of indignation
with a cold magnetic stare
hoping morning wouldn't cast its light upon me
feel night's endless grip upon me
locked inside of my nightmares


the truth still lies
ahead of you
just hidden from
this point of view
[so why should i hold on?
if i know i can' be saved
with the silence of the past
and the truth that i've betrayed]