Letra de I
There's an absent of light, a hunger towards eternity
And a chained, primordial nature unleashed

From the womb of ash, to the stronghold of silence

The bloodlines of the past, the ashes of hope
Towards the horizon and beyond, into deeps and below

With the mark of the north, scarred to the bones

The chalice of past, the deep flames to aspire
The empty starlight subliming the blind

And outshining the pyres of the fallen ones
A thousand lifetimes, that has streamed to waste

The statues of stone and fire, the thrones of ash
The ever burning darkness, the luminous shadows

Towards the womb of primordial nature

The ardent souls roaming, towards the core
Casting the shadows, the deep abyss rising

The nature's strength and the firm touch of mortality
Fading into the womb of primordial nature