Letra de Rain Drops
He feed's the birds, on the old broken bench.
He reminisces on the past.
Nothing seems to get past him.
Smile and wave but dont pay attention.
And how did he get here?
His aqua blue eyes and gentle old hands.
I can tell he has his pride and hope to survive.
I walk through the park, watching the sky turn gray.
As Anna begins to cry, his eyes turn to green.
Children skip rocks through the pond.
Dreaming of candy and toys, nothing will change.
I can't dream of anything but the moment I live in.
The rain drops come down, umbrellas come up.
I'm walking by the old man and grabbed Anna's hand.
Her tears were washed out by the rain drops.
Wrapped my coat around her, he grinned and I grinned.
The only time, I'll myself grow old was in his eyes, holding Anna's hand