Letra de The Cleansing
I smell your rot a mile behind
I say pestilence, you say benign
You've made your grave with the dogs
By grace our paths have crossed
And all tolerance is lost
What is the price on your head?
I'll take it with these hands
Rip flesh from bone
And claim what we own

(War) For every generation there comes a time
(War) To join the gray or become what is right
(War) You stayed in shadows, and preyed on the blind
You're cyanide

Father, you know I'm seeking honor
Wanting life for my brothers
I will fight, the ones who stole the sun and left us night, they're cyanide.

Father guide my hands
I will cleanse this land
End the enemy
The innocent be freed
You and me

I fight for father's and daughters
Sons and mothers
Raped and murdered
Bound and tied
You came inside
You took their lives
Yeah I pray... I pray you die.

So I will fight the decadence that leeches our innocence, they're cyanide!