Letra de Fat Kid
Once upon a time
I survived by eating my way through life
Bruised from head to toe to ego
This abuse is getting old

But it's okay,
I'm that kid that's just a little overweight
So I eat to ease the pain, but one day

I'm gonna rule the world, steal your girl
Not bad, not bad for a fat kid

But I'm okay, It won't be too long until I have my way
I'll make being fat such the rave today

Dance, Dance, Dance
Everybody at the party come on
Dance, Dance, Dance
Everybody at the party raise your fists
This is our chance

Help me now, I've lived in fear for years
Loved by no one And it's not fair-
Weather friends, this is the end, you'll see
Thin was in, but now it's out, and fat is what it's all about

(Whatcha gonna do fat boy?)
(Whatcha gonna do?)