Fell In Love With a Ghost Letra

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Letra de Fell In Love With a Ghost
It's the season for reasons to justify treason
You're leaving and letting me die alone
The spirits you wear show the sins that you bear
With every drink you are letting me go
I'm the one that pays

Let me let you
Set me free

You're the ghost in my mind
Thorn in my side
Sober in my dreams, you're dead in real life
What goes through my mind
Is how you used to be so alive
And now you're fighting just to put the bottle down

Put that bottle down

Sleep tonight
Close your eyes
Sing your dirge
Say good night

While you've been sleeping
I've been dreaming
Of a life without repeating
The same old suicide
Round and round we''d ride
So you''ll be sleeping
I'll be leaving
Six feet under wake up screaming
One day you will know
You were dead, I had to go