Letra de Tamie's Song
Try as we might
We miss each other more each night.

Cry all our tears
We chase each other's fears away.

Everyday I feel so desolate.
But I just think of you and I know that it's worth it.

I want you more than anyone can see
I'd give anything for you to be with me.

Never give into doubts or strife
‘cause baby, I need you in my life.

Both messed up in our times
Did it with no reason why.

Each heart forgave us
But that's what love does.

I could never love anyone else
You are the one that I can't live without.

We've both loved with infidelity.
It's time that we admit our mortality.

Never thought you'd be the one to do it
But unlike my love for you, I can forget it.

I bet he's proud. Thinks he scored.
But that just makes me love you more.

How can we forgive time and time again?
True love makes you do crazy things.

(Chorus 1X)

I can't just lose you like that.
Take this as an invitation and a welcome mat.

Stand tall with me under the eyes of the Above.
Please say you love me, because I love you, my love.