Letra de Missed Chance
Car crash
Last night
She was in it
Things not looking bright

Rushed to her side
Held her hand
Never thought it would happen to him
Brought you down to a mortal man.

Never said he loved her
Said he would if push came to shove
But now he wished he had because
He just lost the only girl he ever loved.

Said she was the only girl
Who made his life bright
He always showed that
When he held her tight.

Standing on the pulpit
Couldn't choke out a word to speak
Thought of his missed chance
As the people watch a tear roll down his cheek

(Chorus 1X)

Next time you see the one you love
Take the chance to say it
Tell them what you're thinking of
Because he never got to tell his dove..
And he'll never get the chance again

(Chorus 1X)