Letra de Homewrecker
I know you love her more. I can see it in your eyes. It will take some time but soon she'll realize she's just a joke. Seven years expected to be gone over a rebound girl. Her sympathy went too far. That bitch is an intruder. Laying on the floor with her soft breathe upon your neck. Even I can feel the love, but instead she thinks of a way to get out of the hell that she see's. That girl wont go away like a serious disease. My advice to you is to just take a break. She'll be back in your arms someday, right now its fake. She thinks she has what's best for her she doesn't see the wrong. This is my 'inside tell-all song.' I cant stand that bitch. She wont get it through her head. I hold it inside but deep down my blue blood turns red. She's invading family space that was fine before she came. Go away!