Letra de Marilyn
Hello little girl, are you sure to know my facesI saw you there, but you ignored meI stood over there, think I can?t remember all thingsCause you?re gone, couldn?t avoid your deathI?m just alone, leave me alone in this cold worldI?ll never see my girl, an old forgotten dreamNow I?m looking forward to build my favourite womanWho I?ll love and never lose no moreMarylin Oh Marylin ? What have they done to youMarylin Oh Marylin ? Is it really trueMarylin Oh MarylinStarting to build arms of wood and modern plasticYou look fine, my girl, my wondefrul girlI just used a photograph, that I got from her daughterWho?d like to see her young mom againShe?s gone away, far away, plastic gill,You will replace that mom, who?ll never see the sun againI will give your live back to you, it would make me so proud?Cause life without you means suicide