Letra de Future Of Me
Have you ever taught about the future of your life
In 10 years from today if I'm still alive
A rockstar with an attitude addicted to cocaine
Played the game of life he could not gain
Maybe just a businessman with money in his hands
A wife two kids but what about his friends
I'd rather be a prostitute 5 bitches every day
How fat they are I'll take them anyway

Try to believe in the things you do not know
The world is nothing more than just an old men show
Everything just goes so fast it seems like yesterday
I wonder what life is gonna be in 10 years from today

A time machine could help you out to see what you would do
But where's the fun if you know that it's true
I hope I do not die too young there's so much more to see
And if I die I hope I'll still be me