Breakneck Jane's Fifteen Minute Escape Letra

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Letra de Breakneck Jane's Fifteen Minute Escape
One, Two, Three,
She's stretching for the key
There's a crowd of lookers by my side
Bustling big blank blue eyes.
Pop pop on the surface
Rising in all nervous
Gas, gas, gas invisible.

Four, Five, Six,
The clock is there to tick.
The chains don't give to the desperate moves
The horses clicking iron hooves,
She's drowning in the water,
My one and only daughter,
Water, water, water, divisible.

Seven, Eight, Nine,
I dropped poison in her wine
Before she took to the stage
Lights, applause, Breakneck Jane.
She's sinking to the bottom
Where the fish feed off the dead,
Solid, solid, solid, destructible.

Ten, Eleven, Twelve,
Panic, chaos yell,
Divers dove deep in the sea,
As dark as wine, but could not see.
So they put light in their hands,
And when they found the body,
Lightbeam lightbeam lightbeam, constructable.

Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen,
Authority and science to the scene.
Detectives ask their questions,
Forensics calculations of
Time and place and cause of death
"Drowning" they write down
The truth, the truth, the truth, intangible.

What an awful thing I said,
"Must have been an accident"
The detective nodded and agreed
And asked me for a bit to eat.
"I have to get back home"
I blushed, smiled, replied,
White lie, white lie, white lie, intentional.

And when I got back home
I had changed into new clothes.
The dress, the wig, into the flames
And I hailed a cab to board a plane.
And all the money I had robbed from Jane
Into my new possession
I'm a mannequin, mannequin, mannequin, undetectable.

So I bought a lot of drinks
Until I could not think
With my head up against the window seat
Soaring high above the sea.
Alarm! Alarm! Alarm!
I woke with such a shake!
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
Crash into the lake.