The Enchanted Towers Letra


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Letra de The Enchanted Towers
She stands alone in the storm at night
She raises her arms, calling down the moon
If the rays should kiss her lips, let it linger a while
All who enter in her enchanted tower,
filled with sorrow and shame
Kiss those you love farewell, for you will never embrace them again

Each night she walks the corridors, filled with treachery and lies
At first you'll think that she's your saviour,
but then you see her eyes
All she ever wanted was the beauty of youth,
Pure sweet scents to mask the decay,
Some pure souls for her to torture
She asked her demons to show her the way

Yonder in the woods, the little girls would play
Shed those tears my angels
one will disappear today
She walks in her enchanted tower Plays with fire as the sun goes down She thinks that she is safe from danger As she walks the long way down