Letra de Soul Trader
In the fire is a time disease, that wipes you all together
From history, you cannot run away

In the face of things, he owns you now
And wants to take your soul,
but you run home, All alone to the discovery that you dont exist no more You dont exist no more

Trading good for evil
trading trees for rubble
Time will be rewritten
All my work and all my art to be undone

There's a clue, and a way, that you can exist again
And bring back all your worth, By preventing his birth
The rain falls on the strangers that you knew as friends and family
Before limbo took you away
Before the soul trader did what he did to you

You don't exist no more

Trading good for evil...

By the time obliteration, In limbo sensation
No one will remember me, my life just wiped away from history

Don't lose faith,
Just recognise what has been done
You are not the only one You are not the only one

Try with your mind, see if you can find other victims telepathically
To start the war to repair history
For the best, and no less
If you want to save us all
From the evil time assassin
From the evils of the soul trader You will exist again