Letra de Pollyanna
So this is how it ends, toxic and deliberate
She's blood red at the neck boiling off fingerprints
This hospital love is making death seem elegant
Just don't breathe and we'll stop time
She said...

I got this delicate lisp that speaks in tongues and upper lips
Your silhouettes my favorite...i'm not letting go of it....

She's got a leash that grips my teeth
That cleans the air I breathe and
It's wrapped around this city...

You look so lovely running through my fingers
(Where everything's always felt right)

So she glides off the bed with unflinching relevance
and completely motionless...
You're so heavy, you're so warm
Just a pillow i've used a thousand times before
Wrapped in velvet and filled with thorns

I've got this weakening grip around her arms
Around her hips
Your silhouettes my favorite
I'm not letting go of it...

...and I will chase it
Grab it
Stake it
And rub until she fakes it

We all bloom faster in an oncoming disaster
... and I will let this hurt....

You look so lovely...