For Members Only Letra



Letra de For Members Only
Just forget all about fate
While I unlock this gentlemen's promise
With Flesh like fire but it lacks a color
And chemical laughs (that) fly around like drama
I know I move like an apparition
in a style that's all ghostwritten
but these are the things I can take apart
These are the things I can take...

You move me like I've got new feet...

“Just don't leave me like this
because I need wonder....”

My stereo has blown away
So for now your voice can stay...
But once they all circle me....
... I will rip apart this machine...

I am a prince
With paper parts
Made of spit and paper dolls
A killer's karma has been bound
Uneven seams
a broken bow...
She's got this problem with people flying
One way tickets and a fear of crying
But these are the things she can take apart
These are the things I will take....

I cut her up and sent all the parts and
They hung them on all the corners and bars