Digital Me Letra



Letra de Digital Me
Hailstones and lead
Is what my voodoo doll embeds
But I got this toy, so much bigger than this,
and when you wish on it you get your three clicks...
Hey pretty air
....take me somewhere

Someone just paint it red
My blinking neon chest...
Catch a curse or two so I can
Hear a whisper in my bed...

Don't you like the peace?
That fights you when you're on your knees
I'm just an island that floats around on stares
A digital widow
An abandoned fare
Hey pretty air
Tie my feet where
They become a pair...

Someone just paint it red
my blinking neon chest
Catch a curse or two so I
can hear a whisper in my bed
Let down your hair and
swing with me instead....
Up the stairs to the party of the dead

We'll party like we're dead...
we can watch them dance on my hands

...someone just drink with me instead...