Between Horns And Halos Letra



Letra de Between Horns And Halos
Looking out of a second floor window
Planning out my exit wound
She's so overlooked
This slaughter will get hotter and its
early overdue...
Trying on a makeshift halo
Kissing on my exit wound
Knowing well that the farthest place from heaven
lies just right inside your room....
And I staggered off my love of love,
romance and valentine ways....
She felt so cold, so cold
She froze under the sheets while I slept all day...

She will sleep here
In between the cracks
Just a flower with a broken back
...Waiting for dirty water...
Did you sleep alright...?
She's giving beat stares from being beat all day
Indian eyes in the American way

...Hail Mary's and ale.....
A Hailed Mary that ails...

Making off with the evening gown of my darling
as she comes unglued
Leaving this trail of misery across my face
as it shot right up to the moon...

Looking out of a second floor window
I can feel me falling through
Back down to where she sleeps
Back down to her so shiny and so new

This jezebel is bleeding from a place
That can never ever be replaced

Hail Mary's and ale...