Letra de Oooh Girl
Winner's never quit- quitters never win
I'm lanky and go by the name of Hesta Prynn
I haven't seen you since we were in West Berlin
Now ya'll be looking like my Siamese twin
Knock knock. Who's there? Prynn- How you been?
Do you still have my copy of Huckleberry Finn?
It's like round and round we go- one more again.
Oh I'm sorry- can I keep this pen?
Little pig. Little pig- let me in.
You bitches be like my next of kin
Always on point never phone it in
When I hear that tone Imma enter my pin.

Oh- it's on.


Microphone check, 1,2,1,2
My name is spero- how about you?
Chillin with Sinatra at the fountainbleu
While my prima ballerinas do a pax-de-deux
I'll be the Bella Karoli to your Mary Lou
Just follow the directions- do how I do
Cause I'm constantly residing in the Brooklyn Zoo
Hesta Prynn we're gonna kick it on back to you-
My nails stick on my fingers with the crazy glue
If I'm hungry I might fix myself a cheese fondue
Pay closer attention to the silence- oooh girl-
Going straight to the top just for the view.

Oooh, girl.

Here is the church and here is the steeple
Sprout- get on the mic and talk to the people
I'm sprout- you say hooray- enchante-
And I'm feeling pretty good- are you ok?
Now I'm broke as a joke in the month of may
Tell me what the F has happened to the USA
South Dakota lost their minds today
And I'm feeling it down to my DNA
There's one more thing that I want to say
What you think you covering with that tupee?

We got the good raps to make your hands clap
We got the big beats so get our your seats
We got the fresh rhyme we always on time
We got the routines we back on the scene
So one a penny- two a penny- hot cross bun.

Oooh, girl.
Oooh, girl.