Letra de Deadmen
You'll never see me again
And you'll never take me alive
Have we been wasting their breath?
Have we been paying attention?
Has it come to this?
We can't give up and we can't give in
So what's left?
Martyrdom fantasies and fading memories
Of when we were better
Were we just kids... now we're adults
We didn't know it
Now we're grown up, now we've gone wrong
Giving up and giving in
I'll see you in the abyss
I'll see you in that blank stare
The worst of them
Might have gotten the best of us
Looked out my window
And realized that I hate you
There's a black hole in my chest
And a fire in my stomach
And it's killing me like I want to kill you
The worse of you
Might be better than the best of us.