Letra de Watermelon
It’s not easy to please me, I know
I wish that I could give you some good news
But my heart beats like a tattoo on an old tin drum
It's rolling down the gray gravel road
From the house that used to be my home
Before the hard times

Well, I got sick and threw up in my mouth
At the thought of ever missing out
On the bright blue world, all the beautiful girls in it
But you were something sweet enough to stick
A Jolly Rancher, wet against my lips
And my teeth digging in to your watermelon skin
And I don’t know what to do now

I get this feeling every goddamn time
Line up all my failures in a room
At least I've got some things to show
A lot of good love, a lot of good luck
A lot of good timing, a lot of good fucks
A couple bad apples, a lot of good friends
A couple diseases, a couple dead ends
A whole lot of late nights, a whole lot of booze
A whole lot of holes you can stick it into
But this hole in my chest won’t let me rest
So I’m trying my best to fill it with you