Letra de Winter
All things pass with time
old trends, old friends
Fitting for the month that michael died
buried in a stone cold riverbed, where the water divides

Oh come colder weather
Oh come something better please

All things freeze with time
Clear skies, dry eyes
Am I colder than the air in this town
I have been a stone cold riverbed, if still I am alive

But maybe
Maybe you'll forgive me

I've been a mayday son
I'm withered, weathered by the setting sun of your summer
If I could be anyone
these days I'd be someone different
so I could hold you now

But you slip away like a changing maple leaf
And try to find any dry land that I can
For the last time, though I have loved you
You keep slippin' away, slippin' away and I am finished with

All the chaos and the ticking clock
The college life, the bomb that drops
And blows the whole damn thing to bits
Freezing are my fingertips in this cold
In this cold, cold now

We make such different people
Crawling into different beds at night
With both such different feelings
Mine are overwhelming, are yours

I might be screaming while you're
Dreaming without any concern
It took so long for me to find
That I can't try anymore

And if I said I'm sorry
Too many times before its cuz I
Just wanted desperately to make you love me

Darling, if the sun could shine in
Brighter than all your distractions
I would climb into him
And light myself on fire